Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Chance To Advance is a non-profit organization that strives to highlight and promote the diversity that exists in the state of Maine and beyond.


CTA Team members Ruweda Ali & Helen Bright

If you haven’t met them before, Please meet my amazing community members, A dedicated group of people that understand the importance of showing up for each other, not just once but always!!

Celebrating Diversity In Maine 2020

Release Party!!

It is not a surprise that we are truly committed to helping the leaders of tomorrow success today.
No-one inspires us more than girls living in Third World nations. Not only do they have to fight in unbearable conditions but they have to fight to be seen in a society that does not believe in their worth. As a part of celebrating International women’s Day CTA founder and executive director Ekhlas Ahmed talked to 60 high school students in Sudan to continue encouraging them that their dreams are not too far from becoming a reality.

Calendars Project

  1. In 2019, we partnered up with Catholic Charities Office of Maine Refugee Services. Our team created 2020 Celebrating Diversity Calendars with the hope of  highlighting countries represented in our state that are often forgotten. 
  2. Another part of our mission was  to raise $10,000 for 10 refugee college students to assist them in their journey  to obtaining a college degree.
  3. We had an amazing release  party where over 150 stakeholders joined over 100 refugee families from across the globe who now call the state of Maine home. 
  4. Sold over 200 copies to individuals, schools, and  organizations around Maine. 
  5. The process of $ 8,000 dollars will be given as scholarship funds to eight   refugee high schools and college students. 

Tutoring Services

An important part of our mission as CTA is to ensure that education is feasible for all, especially to English language learners. Via our tutoring program we can support as many newcomers as possible in their journey in language acquisition . Through implementing an inclusive curriculum to ensure students success and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Helping the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today

CTA believes that every opportunity counts and can lead to success. We are committed to lending a hand to make education feasible for all. In our leaders program: we have built a library in two schools in Sudan, have provided the school supplies to teachers and students. Supplies such as books, pencils, erasers, and notepads. We will continue this effort in other countries in the future.

Celebrating diversity release party December 6, 2019 at Indigo Arts Alliance Portland, Maine.

December 6 such a memorable day. over 200 of you showed up and we sold over 100 copies of celebrating diversity calendars. Please help us sell the remaining calendars and raise money for Refugee high school and college students.

We believe in the power of books, they are hidden treasures that allow kids to dream of a brighter future. One of the best parts of visiting Sudan this summer was being able to teach these amazing kids and increase their love of reading 📖.Thank you for allowing us to be in your classroom and talking to me about your futures. We hope to continue supporting you in anyway that we can so you can reach your goals.